Ludo - Wooden Classic Game
Ludo Game

Ludo - Wooden Classic Game

Part Number: 136V
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Difficulty Level: N/A
Approximate Dimensions: 6 ½" x 6 ½" x 1 ½"
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for this item: 6
PVC Transparent or Craft Box: No
Bar Code: 721405375851
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It is a great fun game for two to four players where decision making strategy might be needed during the game.
The players race their four pegs from start to finish according to die rolls.
During game play a piece moves from its starting spot, clockwise around the perimeter of the board, to the finishing spots. Each player can enter his finishing spots only.
The winner is the player whose four pieces finish the journey first.
Comes complete with the instruction, a wooden box and matching lid.
Great family game.

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