Companion Secret Puzzle Box By Benno's Magic
Enigma Secret Puzzle Box 1

Companion Secret Puzzle Box By Benno's Magic

Part Number: EB009
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Difficulty Level: 3 (click HERE to learn more)
Approximate Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for this item: 6
PVC Transparent or Craft Box: Yes
Bar Code: 719926329545
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The Companion Puzzle Box, is an attractive great puzzle box to solve and display.
The mechanism used to open this puzzle box has been used in other puzzles, but it's well engineered for use in this puzzle box, and the maker have added an extra twist to the puzzle confuse and confound.
Very few people will solve this puzzle box without a hint, and yet the solution is very straightforward.

The Companion puzzle box, originally designed by Benno de Grote; a Dutch university professor.

The story Benno de Grote told about this design is:
"I made the first version of the box when I was in the last year of my high school. This version didn't have any 45 degree cuts, and the box would have a lid instead of the way it opens up now. 
The box was a birthday present for a close friend. That’s why I chose this design.I wanted to make a box with nothing which could move on the outside. 
Most boxes have sliders or at least something to Interact with on the outside of the box."

The puzzle box is made from laser cut plywood. It does have space inside to be able to include a small gift, folded bills, coins or a note so with the heart motif it makes a great box to put a special present for a special someone inside. 
Once opened there's space inside this box, size 2.5" x 2.5" x 2" inner space, and it's ok to put somethings inside without interfering with the mechanism.

Beautiful and tricky to solve puzzle box, a must for any one that love puzzle boxes.

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