Answer Box - Secret Puzzle Box With 42 Steps To Open By Benno's Magic
Answer Puzzle Box

Answer Box - Secret Puzzle Box With 42 Steps To Open By Benno's Magic

Part Number: EB007
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Difficulty Level: 5 (click HERE to learn more)
Approximate Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 5"
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for this item: 6
PVC Transparent or Craft Box: Yes
Bar Code: 719926329521
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Wow! The Answer Box, is a one of the most complex build puzzle boxes to solve that we've seen, in an unbelievable price.

This unique puzzle box, originally designed by Benno de Grote; a Dutch university professor. It requires 42 steps to open, so of course he called it the Answer Box! Isn't 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything?
The story Benno de Grote told about this design is:
"The way I design most boxes is a bit different than most people would expect. I start by deciding the looks of a box. Of Course I keep the inner mechanism in mind while deciding how a box will look like, but I have no idea how many steps it will be. Once I’ve decided how a box will look like I design a mechanism which will work with these looks. Because of this I never know how hard a box will be when I start designing. When I finished the mechanism it turned out the box had exactly 42 steps. Because of this I named the box “The answer box” as a reference to book the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy in which 42 is the answer to the question “what’s the meaning of life”.
Mr Benno thinks the puzzle would be suitable for 10 years and over, but mostly aimed at adults, and he says it will need a lot of logic and analysis skill to solve without the solution, although we think only few will be able to open with no solution.

Unlike standard Japanese puzzle boxes where you're moving external panels that are visible, this box has finger holes that allow you to slide panels under the outer layer. You have a sense of them sliding but you cannot actually see what they are doing or how one side of the box is interacting with the other sides, or the top and bottom. But they definitely are interacting. With the right sequence of moves, in the right order, all 42 of them, the lid will come off the box.
Once opened there's a lot of space inside this box (size of 4" inner cube), and it's ok to put somethings inside without interfering with the mechanism, but not sure it's a good idea on this one, since it's quite complicated to solve, even with the solution.

Beautiful and large puzzle box, a must for any one that love puzzle boxes.

Inner compartment size is: 4"L x 4"W x 4"H

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